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Popcontrol on FLIP simulation issue

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Hello Guys,


    I always wanted to try Houdini but I was a bit affraid of it, I finally pushed myself into learning it and I really have a blast with it!


I do have an issue that really bugs me out though, I have a FLIP simulation and I cannot find a way to influence it with a popsolver (a basic curl noise, see file attached).


I am following a tutorial for this made with Houdini 12 and I am using 14, I am wondering if the way you work with FLIP and a popsolver has changed? The file did work one time though but then I rewind the timeline and nothing happened again. 


I know this is super basic stuff but I am really really annoyed that it doesn't work! It would be super helpful if someone could have a look at my setup and tell me if I am doing something wrong?


Thanks in advance guys!


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You don't really need the POP solver any more in H14. You can apply POP forces directly to the simulation with POP DOPs.

Just attach the POP DOP nodes to the "particle velocity" input of the FLIP solver.

For example, to add a POP Force to a FLIP sim, place a popforce DOP into the network and just wire it into input2 (particle velocity) of the POP solver.

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Craig, thanks for this! Almost 4 years old, just helped me remember something I had forgotten about...

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