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Rendering Fractal Clouds


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I'm new at houdini

and i'm working at houdini 14.


the problem was the noise, but i guess now is working.... i've made some changes in the render, changed my render to micropolygon and volume quality to 1.

I just wonder how long is going to take to render... there's nothing i can do when we are talking about volumes , right?

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It comes down to a balancing act between render time and desired quality.  Some tricks I use when rendering volumes are:

-If I am using micropolygon, turn your light shadows from ray trace to depth map

-If you are using micropolygon turn off stochastic samples (used for raytracing and PBR)

-try different amounts of volume quality and volume shadow quality.   The lower you can get these values while still being happy with your renders the better your render time.

-If you have multiple lights, see if there are any that you can turn off shadows.  When rendering volumes shadows tend to take the longest amount of time.


If you are after really crisp details in a render, Physically Based Rendering does give the best results, but micro poly is faster.

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speaking about this, I´m not sure the Clouds Tool totally substitute the old VOP volume sculpting. I mean, that the Clouds Tool has a "look". It´s very nice, but not always what one wants. They are really pretty for "How to train your dragon" clouds but not necesarilly for every type of cloud.

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