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Multisolver. Add new dynamic object


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I have a problem to understand the Multisolver logic. I tried to add another RBD object to the "emit_objects" file of the Bullet masterclass on vimeo. When I used the shelf tool, Houdini added a second RBD solver, which works, but is very slow and - as far as i understood - not the right way to go. So how would you hook that up? After merging the new dynamic object to the RBD packed object, the solver gets confused and uses one of the emitted teapots in generating the collision geometry.

See the attached picture and scenefile, please. Sorry if this is very basic, I couldn't find a solution.




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The problem is that SOP solver works on all dynamic objects you have in scene. In this case you have 2 objects - regular one and packed. When you run SOP Solver it will copy this new packed piece into both objects - thats why you see this unwanted behaviour - box_object1 object is modified too.

Unfortunately at the moment it is a bit tricky to make SOP solver to work only on desired object - there is a group field but it will get ignored unless you set "Solver Per Object" on Multi solver on (which I don't think is the best solution as it will create separate bullet solvers for each object and they may start to behave odd).

I think there are 2 better solutions:

1) combine all objects into 1 DOP packed object - you will get everything working for free

2) check the name of current DOP object inside SOP solver and switch only if it match the desired one

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Ok - The best solution so far.


Add Empty Data after packed object.

Then add Enable Solver after SOP solver and match the name of the empty data in Enable Data field.

This way you have full control when SOP Solver will be evaluated.

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