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Emit from points(ordered) in new POP DOP


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In the old POP context, I could emit particles from a bunch of points in point order(using the points(ordered) method). I cant find out how to do this in POPS DOPS?


Is there a simple way to do this still?


Ive attached a file with the old POPS method in it, and an incomplete POP DOP method.




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One quick dirty trick. It should be good enough to give you an idea. You can make necessary changes in it  as per your requirement  or to make it more efficient.

*Lets say your source geometry has 100 points in it.

*You want 7 particles to be generated per frame in point order manner from your source geometry( from points 0 to 6)

*For second frame it should select next 7 points to generate particles (from points 7 to 13) and so on....

*you can use modulus operator (%) for this selection.

*You need to do a trick when this selection point number goes beyond total points in the source geometry (pls refer attached file. Till frame no 14 you have already selected 14*7 =  98 points, for frame 15 it should select remaining 2  points (point 98 and point 99 ) and also start selection for the remaining 5 points from start( from point 0 to 5) ).


Go inside popsource dop and keep only these points from the incoming geometry. Particles will be generated from these points.


EDIT: edited the file a bit, replaces constant value(100) by npoints expression , added emission type options point ordered and prim center ordered.


Edited by sadhu
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This is useful info Sandeep - Thanks!

I can understand how it works, though im not sure i'd of been able to write that expression myself........


I'll study it and try to rewrite it myself to make sure I get the concept. 

Thank you!

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