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How to make sure a single image stays a single image not a sequence?


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I am loading a single image using File COP and then adding VOPCOP Filter or any other COP for that matter, and when I MMB, I get a sequence which is time dependent. I wouldn't mind this but I want to use Switch COP to switch between the File COP and the other branch which has other COPs.


When I do this, Houdini errors out showing this:




I am using $FF in an expression for the Switch input if that makes any difference?


Any idea on how to fix this?



Thanks :)

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Thanks but why are other COPs create a sequence out of a single image? It should respect the input. In my case I want my single image to stay a single image unless I specify a frame range for the other COPs, but I didn't. I couldn't find any option to limit the frame range or force the COP to be a single static time-independent operation.

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Are you sure that you didn't kept any time dependent expression in your File COP? You can check it by MMB click on the File COP, it should be time-independent.

If you didn't set up time dependency in your VOPCOP the result also should be time-independent as long as the input is.

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Thanks pezetko, yeah I didn't use an expressions in the File COP and it shows as time independent. I see the issue now though.


I am using a SOP node reference to get attributes from it which is time dependent. I now put the same node in the other branch while ignoring its output so now they both work.

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