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UV mapping and Mantra subdivision

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I would like to be able to map a displacement material on a geometry and then subdivide it only at rendertime with Mantra, but when I do this the material / displacement gets distorted. I understand that subdivision will do this, therefore I made a version with a subdivision sop before adding the UV and this works, but the reason I want to subdivide in mantra at rendertime is that i want to make a lot of copies of the geometry which will slow everything down considerably.


How does one utilize rendertime subdivision with precise mapping of displacement?


Kind regards, Dasker



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Hi thanks for the quick reply, my issue, however, is not rendering polygons as subdivision - it's that when I do this my displacement material gets distorted because the polygons used by the UV projection are subdivided and moved around. I would like to know how to combine texture mapping with Mantra render based subdivision  :)

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