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Scripted way of some UI operations?


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Hi Guys:


  I am wonder how to do the following in either python or hscript:


1. Set "Render Beauty Pass Only" in the checked in the Flipbook render gui


    The "vieweroption" cmd seems have an arg -F, which is to set the flipbook optionis,

    However what are the available flipbook options can be used? Same ones in cmd "viewwrite" ?



2. Maximize current panel( bascially what the Ctrl + B shortcut does. )


Did some googling but couldn't find anythin.. figured might as well ask around here :)



thanks a lot!





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found out how to do these, just put it here in case anyone needs it later...


for 1:

the -B flag should do it..



for 2


# maximize

hou.hscript("pane -f 1 %s" % pane.name())


# set it back

hou.hscript("pane -f 0 %s" % pane.name())

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