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Convert point color in Houdini to vertex color in MAYA

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First, sorry for my poor English.

I'm new to Houdini. I started to use Houdini a month ago.


I wanna render point color in MAYA.

Then I'm trying to export vertex color from Houdini to MAYA.

I use alembic format to export geometry from Houdini and use SOuP (ArrayToPointColor) to convert point color to vertex color.


In MAYA, I can see values attached to the “red” “green” and “blue” vertex attributes on mesh.

but if i connect it to mentalrayVertexColor and render, nothing happened.


Does anyone know why it doesn't work and how to do this?


I saw these pages:




I set vertex attribute in Houdini, and geometry is changing its topology.





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problem has solved!

I imported abc file with command "AbcImport -rcs Filename "





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