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Hello All!

I am slowly  getting to use Houdini, i come from Lightwave -> Modo/Messiah environment, as a generalist is been a very long way to get to use is specially since i am learning  after  my normal work hours, Finally ,after many many hours...years, (and tons of video tutorials) i reached the point feeling more and more comfortable with Houdini, yet struggling with some stuff, but in general getting to it.

There are  a few areas  i am wondering if anyone of you know of any  information that i have not yet  reached, or been able to find, i got like 80% of cmivfx Houdini videotutorials, some side fx  master clases too, but  still  i haven't found  enough info in 2 subjects.. rigging (without autorigs), and UV mapping.( i normally would do it in modo, but would like to know more about UVs in houdini)

i found this on youtube today:

(the link to the site at description seems to be broken)

wonder if any of you know a place i can find  more info about this??


Thank you for taking time to read this.



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