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How to transform packed primitives animated with POPDOPs?

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I have some packed primitives created from Voronoi Fracture. I animate these points in DOPs using the new POPs. Everything works but after that how can I get the packed primitives move and rotate like the particles?


I tried using Transform Pieces but as soon as the animation starts, the pieces jump in orientation. The particles only have v, not orient, or other things that can be used. Should I be making a transformation matrix myself?


I would appreciate any workflow ideas.



Thanks :)

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Thanks, I am not using bullet though. My network only has pop nodes:




So I end up with just points flying around so they only have v, not orient like bullet provides. Should I be using DOP Import to transform my packed geometry pieces?

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Thanks Pradeep, I tried the first example but the pieces do not rotate only move with the particles. Also it's blasting and copying each piece whereas I want to directly move each piece using the corresponding particle without copy stamping.


The second example is good, but I am just wondering if there is a way to transform the geometries using only particles the way I want. I thought it would be simple but seems to be tricky to transform packed primitives afterwards.

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