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Geometry duplicate with Glue Constraint


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When fracturing an RBD Packed object (glass window) using Voronoi Fracture Configure Object, it works well. However when I added Glue Constraint in Constraint Network (Glue the glass window to static RBD Packed object window frame), it produces duplicate geo in the fracture of the glass window. I saw people talking about putting the piece* into Group Mask field for the RBDGlue object to solve a similar duplicate geo issue with RBDGlue object. However in my case, I'm using RBDPacked Object, and constraint network. I wonder if anyone has encountered the same problem?  How can I solve this duplicated geo issue?


Thanks for help!



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Hi Rio,


Thanks for your reply. I've created a simplified test case with a ball hitting the glass window - attached. First impact is at frame 44, second at frame 50. From frame 51 (after second impact) it can be seen there is duplicated geo. Apparently it happens upon second or subsequent impact. Without Glue constraint, there isn't duplicated geo.






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