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using houdini engine to simulate on the farm

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Hello Folks,


We are trying to use houdini engine to simulate , cache geo on the farm, but when i do command line to test


hbatch abc.hip file , errors out saying hbatch command not found ?


any suggestion , explanation to cache on the farm ?



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It sounds like Houdini's environment isn't getting sourced properly. An individual user, or a pipeline tool that sets up an environment, would do something this to get hbatch in the $PATH: 

cd /opt/hfs14.0.291;cd source houdini_setup;cd -

Does that make sense? I take it you're using a different farm setup? When setting up Hqueue, it creates a user hquser, which seems to setup the environment properly.

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Hey ,


thanks mate , sure got the path setup right , but i need some explanation on how to go about

lauch a sim or a cache on the farm , we use alfansy render manage which is free and so far we were able to

use it to render on the farm , all that is good,


since we have got houdini engine licence , would like to use that to sim / cahe on the fram ,


is it ,

hbatch  hipfile to simulate on the farm ?



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Ah, I see. So here are a couple of options:



hbatch -R /path/to/hipfile.hip -c render /path/to/rop

The -R flag makes sure to use a non-gui license. See the hbatch --help for more info, or the links at the bottom.




Or, you could use hython, and create a python script to run the job like this ( https://gist.github.com/crydalch/3167162 ):

A simple script to kick off a certain ROP remotely, optionally
with a given framerange.

Usage: hython path/to/script/houBatch.py /path/to/hipfile /hou/path/to/rop

TODO: Add options for multiple ROPs, hperf.
import hou, sys
# Load the hip file
# If framerange option, set it
#if sys.argv[3]:
#    hou.parmTuple( "%s/f" %(sys.argv[2]) ).set((sys.argv[3],sys.argv[4],1.0))
# Start the render
# When finished, exit

I really like using hython to run renders, as I can easily create setups that aren't quite as straightforward to use the Wedge ROP and/or Takes. I've used the above as a starter for lots of different scripts, like this one (to benchmark sims): https://gist.github.com/crydalch/3139492


Here are a couple of pages that have been helpful for me:

Hope that helps!

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