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Exported Alembic Pyro Mesh repeated frames problem in 3ds Max


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Hi all,


I'm exporting a meshed Pyro simulation (Heat source) from Houdini in order to import it to 3ds Max - Vray using Alembic ROP (via PyroFields --> blast --> IsoOffset (Iso Surface and Volume Sample) --> Alembic ROP).

Everything seemed fine, but strangely in 3ds Max the meshed animation every 5 frames there are 2 frames that repeats creating a sharp transition with the following frame and this is not correct (for example frames 50-51, frames 56-57, frames 63-63 are the same, in a simulation of flames...). Both 3ds Max and Houdini are set to 25fps, I also tried with and without Polygon Soup option.

I reimported the Alembic export in Houdini and the frames change correctly.

Any idea of what the problem could be ? 






I also recreated the scene from scratch and the problem in 3ds Max persist, has anybody experienced the same issue ?



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