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Houdini Path Environment


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Hi guys,

            I have a few question about setting custom path and variables in houdini.


1) Where is the .env file?


I cant find any file in the installed houdini folder where there is a .env file.

I am using Linux, Ubuntu 14.0.4


2) How do I set the path to be permanent?

    For instance, I changed my $JOB path by using

source houdini_setup
export JOB=/mnt/Artist/

But this only works for that session, how do I store it permanently?


3) How do I create a new variable and store it permanently?


For instance, I can add a new variable through the Aliases/Variable. But it only appears on that instance of Houdini.


Sorry for the long post and if the questions don't make much sense. This is the first time I am attempting to customize my houdini through the terminal. All the help is greatly appreciated!!



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2) How do I set the path to be permanent?



cd ~/houdini14.0
gedit houdini.env
add this line
JOB /mnt/Artist
there and save.
Open Houdini > press ALT+SHIFT+T > type echo $JOB
If color is yellow then it will print /mnt/Artist.
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Hi pradeep,

                 Thanks alot! It worked like a charm, I do have another question though. How do I add a custom path into the selection window like the image below?

Really appreciate your help!


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