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Hello guys! I need some help) I try to simulate a shockwave.  I have source-box with translate animation.  I do a "pre-sim" to advect some points in wave at first step. Than I do simulation by this advection point but include combustion model and some parametrs. (Like in tutor Dust Storm cmiVFX). I have some nice effect at 0-1 second in next video, but later effect is bad. What parametrs do you think i must change ? Or some advices maybee u have ? Thank you much)  


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To be honest, its a real pain trying to work my way thru the file since there is only two nodes referencing in and out of each other. Its almost impossible to grasp what you are trying to do.


...But a few things...


First sim

-In the fluid source SOP your initial velocity got a noise with a max value at 13, that alone is high, however in the sourceDOP you do multiply it again by 15 making your initial velocity... HIGH. :) 

- the resize_container node got a padding of 20. That is high, making your sim super slow. Put it back to something like 1 and then read the help what it accually does.

-Turbulence of 25(high) with a swirlsize of 0.05(low) on a grid with resolution 0.25. You cant get finer detail then the grid resolution.

-Disturbance of 30 is high.

-Combustion doesnt do anything since your are not emitting temperature nor fuel.


All of this do apply on the second sim aswell, but I need to go to sleep so lets continue with this tomorrow.

A tip is to use the shelf to se what value the presets center around...

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