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RBD fracture and particle in Houdini


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Hi, my name is Hyunjung Oh.

I am student.

Since last year i have studied houdini.

I have a question.

I want to make the same way.




I broken pig, I want to change to the coin.

I had to what is broken

I do not know what to do in the next..

Should I use a particle??


give me a hint please:)

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The ForEach node is your friend. You need to create some kind of rule for when a piece should transform, then use a ForEach to orient, scale and replace each piece with the pig model and feed it into the simulation using a SOP Solver. In the TP setup you linked to it looks like he simply scaled the piece down and the pug up, so it's not as advanced as a morph setup - though that would of course be possible, though computationally expensive.

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