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Sand Impact


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Hello there! I'm new to this forum soo.. nice to meet you guys! Hah anyway, the effect that I want to achieve is like those guns shooting onto Sand, but to make it a digital asset 


Here are some of my references for the effect.

Transformers Fighting Scorponok with sabot rounds

Around 1:24.


In my file, I used paint to paint the areas where I want the impact to be (From there I emit my particles). I want to make the painted areas (The one that is white has the most velocity, while the black coloured ones has the least velocity). Somehow my POPVOP didn't work.


What I want to do:

1. Controlling the force/velocity of the particles (How big the impact of the shoot on the ground can be, the sand shooting upwards)

2. Controlling the distance of how far the particles can go (and then loses its velocity).


I know it's too much to ask for, but I hope I get some headstart example file or something, or some advice/notes on how to get the effect. Would be great if you could help out! :D


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