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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all! There's 1 week left to register for my Mastering Destruction 8-week class on CGMA! In supplemental videos and live sessions we'll be focusing on some of the awesome new features in Houdini 18, and exploring anything else you might be interested in, such as vehicle destruction. For those that haven't seen me post before, I'm an FX Lead at DNEG, and previously worked at ILM / Blue Sky / Tippett. Destruction is my specialty, with some highlights including Pacific Rim 2, Transformers, Jurassic World, and Marvel projects. I've also done presentations for SideFX at FMX/SIGGRAPH/etc, which are available on their Vimeo page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask or drop me a message! https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/25-mastering-destruction-in-houdini https://vimeo.com/keithkamholz/cgma-destruction
  2. Hey all, How can I add in Houdini 17.5 some debris to an fractured object...so I like to add some smaller debris shards to an object... I have watched on Youtube but I didnt find anything because they have tutorials about this but ONLY for earlier Houdini versions... Help would be very nice...
  3. Strange Smoke issues

    Hey all, so I have a explosion, but the smoke is like small Squares...that's very strange. What I make wrong...the smoke shouldn't be squares but normal... (I hope everybody understand me, what I try to explain) I hope someone can solve this problem... it would be very nice edit: one file is damaged so try the other Smoke explosion problem.hipnc Smoke explosion problem.hipnc

    Hi, I'm Kind of new into this Houdini world and is not an easy world, but I like it, I got this problem: I want to make a fracture with debris, but I want that my debris wit its own geometry, So I searched, and what I understood was this: In the picture the null(out_dust) is the geometry that I want for my debris, and blast 3 is just the popnet but without a floor , when i watch the copy node is working but not correctly, the debris have the geometry that i want but the simulation is wrong, I made an example using poplocation and it works just fine, I don't know if the problem here is beacuse im working with a popsource, any kind of help will be really appreciated. ps: sorry for my english.
  5. Smoke not appear in render view

    Hey all, when I add debris to a fractured object, and then I click on the debris node and after that on "Billowy Smoke". All works fine I can see the smoke emits from the debris and particles...BUT; When I click at Render View and then on "Render", the Smoke doesn't appear. And that happens sometimes. So from e.g 10 times it happens perhaps 3-6 times, that the smoke doesn't appear in the Render view... is this a bug? or what it can be? Because its very annoying, when I fracture an object and then it happens... When I restart Houdini and try it again it works sometimes and sometimes not... I hope you all understand me
  6. Smoke not appear in render view

    Hey all, when I add debris to a fractured object, and then I click on the debris node and after that on "Billowy Smoke". All works fine I can see the smoke emits from the debris and particles...BUT; When I click at Render View and then on "Render", the Smoke doesn't appear. And that happens sometimes. So from e.g 10 times it happens perhaps 3-6 times, that the smoke doesn't appear in the Render view... is this a bug? or what it can be? Because its very annoying, when I fracture an object and then it happens... When I restart Houdini and try it again it works sometimes and sometimes not... I hope you all understand me
  7. Cant see smoke from derbis

    Hey, all I have a basic voronoi fracture sim, so then I have add derbis and after that billowy smoke... all works fine I can see the smoke from the debris in the viewport, but I CAN'T see the smoke in my render view? what I make wrong???
  8. smoke sim

    hi all so i've been trying to make smoke come off of a pillar as it gets broken but at the moment all im getting is this steamy cloud kind of following the debris parts , and i have no idea how to make them more refined and also to make the smoke more of a thicker trail , any help with this would be greatly appreciated, i am still very much a newbie to houdini. Wall_Fracture63.hipnc fist.abc
  9. targeted smoke and debris

    Hi all i have been trying to make a wall fracture as per a punch and then have smoke and debris come off of it, but at the moment smoke comes off of everything all at once , this is the first year i have touched houdini and didn't start till later in the year so i am still a complete beginner , ive compiled the scene so far from a mish mash of tutorials and how i understand it to work, i have attached my hip file and also the abc of the punch rotomated to a sphere. any help will be appreciated Wall_Fracture41.hipnc PunchRotomation.abc
  10. Hey guys, im kinda new to houdini working on a personal project... ive tried destructions in houdini but im a bit confused as to how to get through this effect i have a similar scene in working on and i need the pretty same impact on the ground i would really be thankful if u guys helped me a bit with this thank you
  11. Loop Particles for Geo Instances

    Hi everyone Wonder in knowing, I am trying to get a kind of loop particles systems, means that when they collide with an object, will recover back their original position and re-simulate creating a loop. Main constraint here is that ptnum must to be constant, cannot die. After this it would allow to set different conditions as reboot when leaves frustrum or after a certain initial age, etc. My only issue is that I arrive at update (in the wrong way for being honest) the velocities to re-do the sim cycle, just that goes in the worng direction, exist a way to make them restart with their initial velocities, attached a HIP file of example. Thanks LoopParticlesTEST.hip
  12. Copy Debris Mesh to Pop

    Hey guys, Does anyone knows how can I copy these debris into the Pop Simulation points? (Scene file is attached) copy.fragments.to.particles.v1a.hiplc
  13. Hi, why I have an offset in the debris and the velocity is also missing. Sorry for the missing picture I've tried it with several imagehoster but each time after inserting the URL the input field turns red....??? VDB_crack3_Debris.hip
  14. Im stuck at this point in the particles debris. So my structure collapses to the ground with a typical rbd sim. But when i emit debris particles from them, my particles seems to stop falling after colliding in the top floor of the building and just stays there like a sleeping object. I am using vdb from polygons for my collision geometry which is the geo from the sims. Is there a way to tell the particles to not go still and fall along with the falling building. Thanks alot.
  15. Routine (8 second loop)

  16. Sand Impact

    Hello there! I'm new to this forum soo.. nice to meet you guys! Hah anyway, the effect that I want to achieve is like those guns shooting onto Sand, but to make it a digital asset Here are some of my references for the effect. Transformers Fighting Scorponok with sabot rounds Around 1:24. In my file, I used paint to paint the areas where I want the impact to be (From there I emit my particles). I want to make the painted areas (The one that is white has the most velocity, while the black coloured ones has the least velocity). Somehow my POPVOP didn't work. What I want to do: 1. Controlling the force/velocity of the particles (How big the impact of the shoot on the ground can be, the sand shooting upwards) 2. Controlling the distance of how far the particles can go (and then loses its velocity). I know it's too much to ask for, but I hope I get some headstart example file or something, or some advice/notes on how to get the effect. Would be great if you could help out! impact.hipnc
  17. Trouble with debris shelf tool

    Hi All, I'm relatively new to Houdini and I'm working on a destruction sim of a car hitting a crystal/ice statue. I'm really close to getting a result that I'm happy with but I've hit a brick wall trying to get a fine spray of particles as a secondary effect. Here's what I have done so far: 1. import statue GEO and use a combination of cookie SOPs and Voronoi Fracture to pre-divide the mesh into groups. 2. create an RBD sim using the RBDglueObject node, bring in the low-res car proxy and use it as a collision object. 3. smash car into statue. 4. cache out the RBD as a .bgeo sequence. 5. read in the cache and everything works fine! 6. press the debris shelf tool, this is where things start getting confusing. so I'm getting several odd results, firstly I have to run the sim from frame1, despite having set the debris_sim node start frame value to the correct frame (512). I'm also really confused about the relationship between the constantBirthrate attribute of the POP_replicate node and the constantBirthRate attribute of the POP_source node. My end goal is to use the particles to instance some very simple geo with a copy SOP, however when I do this I find that where I thought there was just one particle, there are actually a load of particles, all occupying the same space, resulting in loads of copies of geo overlapping each other! I haven't uploaded a scene file because my scene is a little heavy but if anybody needs one I'll upload a simplified version with the cache as a .zip Many thanks in advance and any advice or help at all is much appreciated. M.
  18. Smoke and Debris from RBD

    Hi guys, I'm working on a collapsing simulation and I'm not yet able to emit smoke from collision or from my deleting glue constraint. And I need to have some on the ground. And would it be better to do the debris before or after the smoke. Thanks in advance for your help! I've attached a file of a RBD collapsing. smoke_from_RBD.hipnc
  19. Hi all! These past weeks I've been trying to do a volcanic explosion/smoke plume, with all the extra elements that add to it, like the debris (pieces of rock) that are expelled up into the air, the secondary smoke that raises near the mouth (?) of the volcano and so on... This is where I am at the moment: I like the general motion and feel, however, there are a few (or more than a few) things to change/improve: - More debris and make the new ones smaller (keeping the old ones); - Make the smoke plume rise slower... I think this will add up to "majesty and power" of it! - Improve on the look of the smoke plume (see images below); - Deal with the secondary smoke (the one at the mouth of the volcano)... it is too fast, too much wind/turbulence on it and so on... For now I've mainly used as source of info the sideFx tutorial PyroFX - Volcano and my previous experiences with Pyro. I would like to ask: - More sources to learn Pyro and Fluids in general; - Ho to achieve this look on the smoke plume (marked in red): It looks almost solid, like that foam you apply that then expands and fill in any gaps... That's the level of detail I want... any hints and comments are more than welcomed! Cheers and have a great 2014!
  20. Hey odforce I was playing around with the debris shelf tool, and would like to understand what it does "under the hood". I'm afraid my knowledge is not yet there to figure it out alone, so i wanted to ask you guys for help. Background: I want to create my own secondary particle based debris system for a bullet RBD sim I am currently working on, and the shelf tool does exactly what I would need. It only emmits, when the fractured pieces reach a certain distance to each other, and stops, if this distance is getting too big. I would love to understand how this is achived! I think I understand everything the shelftool does except of what happens in the geometry network of the sop solver. "debris_geometry_setup" It would be superb if anyone could explain to me whats going on inside there What I know so far: Pop-Net it just contains a pop-source node to emit particles from. The color ans sprite node is just there if you need this functionality, but if you want (like me) to copy geometry to the particles, you won't need these two nodes. Auto Dop Network Pop-Object -> Pop-Position (no idea why I need this) -> Pop Solver Normally you can handle particles entirely in a pop-network, but when you need it to interact with simulated objects, you can create a pop-object, and feed it to a popsolver in order to get the particles into the dop-context. So far so good, since I already simulated my rbd's and cached them out, I think I do not need this step. empty object -> sop solver (sop debris geometry setup) the sop-solver is used to allow us to cook the "debris geometry setup" not only once in the beginning but every frame. The thing I do not understand is what is going on within the debris geometry setup - network. Any help here is much appreciated. Thanks in advance folks! cheers Philipp
  21. simple debris explosion Help!

    Hi all, I have looked around for a while and can't really find a quick and dirty way to do this. I have one piece of geometry that I'm trying to duplicate(or instance) and "explode" in all directions. Each pieces bouncing on the floor (some breaking would be great, but I'm not there yet). I've got a nice positioning of my pieces, I get them to bounce and separate but only when they hit the ground. for whatever reason I can't get them to separate before they start to fall. sorry if this is a very noob question. but I would really appreciate if someone could get a look at my scene. On a related note, I coulden't figure out how to "emit" a bunch of geometry and have them collide with the ground based on their own shape, All I could get was to emit them but their collision would be based on the particles they "follow". thanks for any help or advice. b exploTest01.hipnc
  22. FX Artist Demo Reel 2012

    Warmly welcome! This is a demonstration of my skills in the visual effects for feature films and commercials. I'm available for freelance and willing to relocate for interesting projects. [RESOLVED AT THE MOMENT] Downloadable link Shot breakdown Still Frames See also Liquids Reel Traditional Art Gallery LinkedIn Imdb Thank you for your consideration!
  23. Hello all, I am quite new with Houdini, just started in the beginning of this month. I enjoy Houdini very much, however, I encounter a problem here and have been here for quite some time. So what I want to do it basically make a scene of a ball crashing a wall and then have debris coming out of the wall as the effect of the crashing and the wall being torn down. Well basically want to get this to the next level. However, I have been looking for a way to do this and found somethings but maybe because I still need to learn more about Houdini, I do not really get how to do this properly. So I thought I can start from a simpler scene first. Firstly I read a post hereand have tried to do it step by step and even try to mimic the scene exactly but I still have no luck. I use Houdini 12 so I grabbed the torus_debris_h12_fix.hip file. I did everything as exactly as how it is in the file, but as from what I check, I see that the "delete" from the particle_location1 does not work properly (If what I see is correct). Although I see this problem, I have no idea how to fix it since I think all is correct I attached my file here. can anyone help me on this? and maybe if you know a tutorial that can be helpful for me to get the hang of this? Thanks in advance houdini_29-09try.hipnc