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why the foam looks blocky?


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Hi Folks..

Pls bear with me as i'm taking baby steps here..


Trying to do a beach scene and having difficult times setting up white water....this is what i've got so far..


My question is..


1. Why the foam looks blocky? I've used hi res flip but same result...tried filtering hnking this to be a rendering issue but invain..


2. Anything else one can advice as to how to work whitewater.






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The blockiness of the foam is probably a result of the VDB voxel size being set to high.  You can lower this value as well as lower your pscale to decrease the stamping size.  


Personally, when I do white water I generally just use the particles and render them without converting them to a volume, it tends to give me a better result.

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my voxel size is set to .025 and @pscale at .4...

i'm just using a uniform volume cloud shader for spray..


This seems to be shader related...as i change the shader. the blocks are gone but i dont get the dsired results..

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