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rigging guide hairs?

Chris Johnson

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I need to make CG hair on a person look like it's float up. Considering it's a quick turn around for delivery...and in the interest of control does anyone know of a way to rig guide/control hairs. Maybe a lattice or something of that nature. I'd like to control the movement via animation as opposed to leaving it too dynamics.  I'm not familiar with the dynamics in Houdini however I have done a lot of grooming in it bit not since version 12. It looks like the hair/fur tools have come a long way?

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Ha ha....Golfarb to the rescue! Heh Bud ; )


Not much to be honest. I've managed to rig it with Ornatrix in Max. Pretty simple but I'm yet to really push it. 


What I need is to track the hair to an actress's head. It needs to have some subtle movement floating up as well as be able to react to subtle head turns. It doesn't need to flop around all over the place...best way I could describe it would be to have groom it into a pose that is 3/4 the way floating up. Over the duration of a couple shots continue to float up and reactto head turns. Is this something I could test in the demo version to see if I could get it there?  

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Apprentice is fully functional so you can do anything you need to....


you might try creating guides in the style you want them just make a few edits to that style and just blend between them...


in the file I've just made two grooms (see > /obj/sphere_fur/guides )

and put a blendshapes node with a straight blend between them from fr 1 to 24

super cheap hack but it does work.

file was make in H14.0.368


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I'll install apprentice and give it a whirl?


Could I rig the guides...literally. Would bones work on those so I could use a blend of rigging and blend shapes?


Also...how I'm doing this from Ornatrix in Max is I'm converting guides to mesh, Then reimporting that mesh and creating guides from that. Then I'm rigging the imported mesh and it drives the new guides. Is that a possibility in Houdini? I've seen videos of guides imported from Blender into Houdini for guide hairs. Can Houdini pull guides from a mesh that I've skinned?

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you should be able to import guides made elsewhere

this is a pretty good walkthrough of doing that:


and yes, you can rig guide hairs - they're just geometry, so you can do anything to them that you want - including animation, it's when they go into the hair tools that they get the nessesary attributes etc that turn them into 'guides'

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