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SHOP based intersection gradient

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Hi guys.


I'm working on a wetmap for where procedural ocean meets sand on an island.


basically, I don't want to have to subdivide the island geometry and do a point based color transfer to create a gradient.

I would like to achieve this effect in SHOPS, independent of how lowres the render geometry may be.


I thought of using an occlusion node. but I would only get the proper 0-1 gradient I want at angles <= 90deg


pc open is dependent on point count as well, so I've ruled that out.


Surely there's a smart way to analyse the intersection points of the objects primitives?

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Thanks anim, thought about this as well, but got nervous thinking of converting a 1000x1000 unit ocean grid to sdf. looks like you can make it pretty lowres and it still works. don't even have to volume extrude the grid as I initially thought.


I suppose there's no way to reference the file in shops without caching it? I see the op: syntax doesn't work. probably for reasons around the way ifd's work?

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