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Haven't talked to you all in a while. Good to be here again!

Boy am I a moody person or what?! Sometimes I get sick of

computer so much that the very thought about it makes me

wanna spit my guts out!

When this happens I can't come near it for about couple of months.

And then, again I get interested and spend nights infront of it.

I wander if anybody else reacts to computers like that or is it just me?


I wanted to ask a small question about Aligning stuff.

I want to align ends of an curve to a surface of my model.

And also to animate this curve. To make the curve slide over the

surface of the model touching it with curve's ends.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough skill to think through any of

the upproaches I could come up with :stupid: so I was hoping that the

good people of this forum will help me out. Heck! They always do!


One of the ways I thought of was to get the uv coordinates for two points

on the model's surface and align ends of the curve to them but I dunno

how to do this.

Or maybe there even is some better way to do it that I don't know about


Thank you!


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try creating a single point with an add sop, then add a point normal to it using a point sop, set the normal to 0 0 1

Then creep the point onto your surface assuming the surface is a mesh or NURBs then copy your curve to the point using align to normals.


Well, It works but it only takes me half way there. The Copy SOP

just creates another (second) copy of the curve and aligns it to

second point (I need two points. For the Beginning and End of the curve)

using the first point in the curve.

Moving Pivot to the last point of the curve woldn't work because like I said

second Copy sop makes just another copy of the curve.

What I need is to take the last point on the curve and Align it to a second

point created with Point SOP.


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