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Toronto Meeting, Nov.4th


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It was good, hmm let's see...

First Bob Munroe from C.O.R.E. gave a spiel about what's going on with C.O.R.E. in Toronto and how SESI's working together with them on their big feature animation, helping develop Houdini further, etc. I'd say about 80% of the people there were C.O.R.E. employees, so his speech didn't raise that many eyebrows :)

Second, Bob, Christin, and Paul from SESI went through some new Houdini stuff, some for Houdini 7, some still in development... Went over some relatively new character tools, a muscle system they're working on, some tighter renderman integration with Houdini, examples of the new Scatter SOP to do basic hair stuff and fake SSS (the buddha model), and a few quick DOPs demo's, it's looking pretty cool!

Third was Stan Szymanski and Vincent Serritella from Sony, Vincent gave a great presentation on a lot of procedural debris stuff he worked on for Spiderman 2, very impressive stuff!

Did I leave anything out? BTW, big thanks to The SESI guys for giving their demo to everyone, and big thanks to Vincent and Stan for coming out to T.O. to show their stuff! I'm very glad to finally be able to go to one of these meetings (oustide of SIGGRAPH)


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