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GPU Device choice


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I have to GPUs I like to utilize in Houdini, one for opengl drawing and the other solely for OpenCL computation.
Using following variables:


But I am unsure if its really separated or if the drawing card also does the opencl computation.
Is there any way to figure out which device is used for what task?


tried to monitor with the gpu-z but it is giving some inconsistent results 


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I've only had 2 different cards so I could just look at the specs. i.e. Radeon and Nividia or GeForce 120 and 980GTX.


At a guess the lower GPU number refers to the lower PCI slot they are in.  

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and what shall I do with two identical cards?



Just tested, the higher numbered PCIe slot is device 0.


i.e. GT 120 in PCIe slot 3 is picked as Houdini_OCL_Devicenumber = 0, whilst GTX 980 in PCIe slot 1 is picked as Houdini_OCL_Devicenumber = 1.


OsX 10.10.5, H15.0.277

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