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Flat Tank missing nodes


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Hello, i'm having some problem with the flat tank module. When i create a flat tank with an houdini geometry ,like a cube, everything works fine. But when i try to do the same thing with the geometry of a FBX file the flat tank create only tre nodes (flattank_initial; whitewater_sim; flattank_sim). For now i managed to resolve the problem starting with a primitive and than replacing the box_out in the mergefollow with my object_out. How i can avoid this problem? Thank in advance for any type of help.


Ok, I guess i resolved the issue taking the geometry outside the fbx packet and then proceeding with the flat tank. Every time i have an FBX file I have to do it this way?

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Some format imports are just creating these insane nested node setups, probably something for the dev's to make a run for, at some point - or perhaps it's for reasons I don't get. And fbx isn't really that bad, try importing alembic, hehe... But I usually un-nest these imports as good as I can before setting things up.

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