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MotionVector Pass with Arnold

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Hi everyone.

I made a destruction FEM simulation and i'm trying to render a MV Pass in Arnold to composite a little and practice a bit.

My problème is I can't get a correct pass.

--> I cached my simulation in bgeo file. Velocity attribut is present in my Load File Node when I import it after.

--> I have an Arnold Shader with just just a motion_vector node.

--> My camera has Arnold Properties with MOtion Blur activated. Same for the Geo sop.


--> Rop node with MB activated as well.

--> Every shutter speed at 0.5 (i tried to followed the Arnold Doc on Mvector pass but without success)

With everything like this, i just end up with a full green shader, and nothing else. I tried to use it in Nuke with RSMB but nothing.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. IF someone can give me a hint !


Many thanks

I put the Hip file and the screen of my render.

HtoA 1.3.1



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