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Connectivity SOP with primitives


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So, it all started when I wanted to use VDBs to break apart an object into different slices. Initially it kind of worked, but then I ran into more and more problems. First problem: Explode view didn't work on my convert VDB mesh. But the time I used several nodes and looked into the explode view node I realized that the pivot point is still at the origin of each piece. Second problem: The connectivity Sop with points seems to give me the correct island number for each point, if I switch to primitive all primitives have the same island number. Very strange! Third: I have no idea how to set the pivot for each island that explode view works again. In the file attached there is also another problem. If I move the cut planes slightly they don't cut anymore, though they are still intersecting with the geometry. Any help is appreciated since I already wasted half of the day running against a wall. Cheers! Tom P.S.: How would I use the Cookie SOP with all the predefined cutting planes? For Each node and use the cutting plane number somehow for the number of iterations? This might give me cleaner result on the edges, compared to VDBs.



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