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Edit Built-in Node via Type Proerties

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Hi All,


I've come across this issue a couple of times, and found it really tricky to resolve. Luckily able to go back to a HIP file that was autosaved before the problem existed and had to rename the Houdini X.Y folder that's in the user directory, basically so Houdini will make a new one next it's run. Not an ideal solution, there must be a better way.


So the problem stems from the following:-

Say you select a node (built-in type), eg SOP/Attribute VOP,

Right click and go to the Type Properties, Most of the options, eg. Parameters Tab - shows the message : Can't edit parameters for this operator

However on the Scripts Tab - you can add python scripts, events...

But when I add some python scripts, I get a message about spare parameters - ...Destroy Spare Parameters. Sorry can't remember exactly the message and options, don't want make changes because it'll cause havoc again.

Anyway from what I could tell, Houdini seems to create a new definition for the edited node - sesi::temporary node I think that's what it was called, also appears to actually replace it with this.

I couldn't find the original definition for the built-in Attribute VOP.

In the TAB menu of nodes there's now 2 Attribute VOP's named as follows :-

  1. Attribute VOP(Digital Asset)    empty
  2. Attribute VOP                           doesn't allow diving into it 

It seems I should be able to edit some aspects of the built-in nodes in this way via scripts, I must be doing something wrong or missing something.

Also would love to know how to better resolve the node definition when being replaced by sesi::temporarynode...


Any help would be great


Thanks Nick

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