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Meteor Strike/Rain Emitter Question - Emitting from mult. objs


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Hey Guys,


I´m currently having troubles with the smoke container. Having a bullet system, which gives me the emitter data for smoke, somehow the container does weird things. I give the smoke solver multiple objects (meteors) and I thought thats´s it, Houdini will handle it ;)

I don´t have that much experience with the smoke solver, help would be appreciated. A lot.






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not sure what your question is but with a quick look, there's an error in your dopNetwork within the resizeContainer node.

You are trying to initialize it then to track your volume source while it is expecting a bounding box to work.


In /obj/toPyro, lay down on a separate branch a boundSOP after the null named OUT_FOR_SIM

connect another null named something like OUT_container_bounds and reference that null in your DOPnetwork: /obj/AutoDopNetwork/resize_container, in the tab bounds/tracking object/Sop_path.


Smoke will now be generated.


Same idea for max bound object by the way.

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