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object merge instance object. possible?


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hey, the question is what the topic says. this bugs me since I have started using Houdini. so far nobody was able to show me that it is possible or tell me that it is not, for sure. So is it possible to object merge instance object? I know some workarounds but I'm curious if I can do this. thanks for the help! D.

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Merge in points set up with geometry attributes to set up the reference instance geometry. The top object should have the instance attributes applied. Most importantly the ptinstance render property. See the instance object for the parameters to set this up.



As of H14, point instancing is now using the Pack primitive workflow. Try using packed primitives to bring in your instance geometry from disk then copy to points or other approaches. Same as the older point instance workflow.


It's even easier, at any time you can actually visualize the instances in the viewport or set the display to point or invisible.

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thanks! adding the instance render properties on object level was the part I was missing.


personally I prefer packed copy to points workflow too. seems to be much more straightforward. however, many times you just have to deal with whatever is coming to you from the bottom of the pipeline :)

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