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Adding time to cloudnoise

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Hi everyone !


I'm doing some clouds with CloudFx and I wanted to animate them a bit.


For the moment I have tried to set an expression to the offset of the cloudnoise but I'm not very happy with it... The patern is sliding on the cloud which is not convincing...


I am pretty new to the world of VOP but I have seen that inside the cloudnoise stands a Volume VOP (cloudnoise), I know that I have to add time inside of it, but does not understant how...


Is it possible to have some help ? Thanks !



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One option would be to pipe whatever you are making the clouds from into a pointVOP.


Stick some curl noise (with built in pulse length) or a turbulent noise (using time on the offset parameter) on the position/displacement.


You could use this to get some underlying noise on the base shape. Add the cloud rig built in noise over the top. Finally finish with some shader noise/displacement.

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