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Is there anything VDB from Particle Fluid can't do that Particle F


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I have a hard time getting the same result from Particle Fluid Surface that I get from VDB from Particle Fluid. Is there a reason to use Particle Fluid Surface? Are there any features in Particle Fluid Surface that's not available or can't be easily replicated by VDB from Particle Fluid?



Thanks :)

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I read some people recommend not to use the Particle Fluid SOP in H14, but judging from the new H15 video, it's making a comeback?


The VDB from Particles mesher is way faster than the old Houdini Particle Fluid SOP but, as you noted, seems like the Particle Fluid SOP is making a comeback in H15, but taing into regard what was shown, it's a rewritten node, so nothing you can compare to the one available now, even though they share the name.


About sharing name, must mean it's backwards compatible, right? Else it'll break any earlier file using that SOP.

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The new surfacing node is an asset named ParticleFluidSurface::2.0, which means it's allowed to break backwards compatibility and only share a name with the previous node, the new one being fully VDB based.


Any old files will still pull in ParticleFluidSurface::1.0.  But it also implies that the old version of the node is deprecated, since you can't create one from the Tab menu (you have to use the opadd command).  This is how node versioning works in general; just in this case we wanted to deprecate the old version and reuse that descriptive name for the new one.


I can't really comment on the new functionality besides what you see in Scott's video, but there will be additional info covering it in detail after the release.

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