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Rob P

Point VOP: Distance VOP return the same value

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I'm trying to create a morph effect using a Point VOP.


I started by creating a simple morph using a mix to blend position attribute.

Now I would manage my effect using a controller . I created a controller and in a Point VOP I would like to calculate the distance between the point of my goal and the position of the controller (to make a ramp) . The problem is that the distance VOP return the same value for all points ...

Here the file for more precision



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use Bind Export to store your values instead of Add Attribute (since Add Attribute is just for creating attrib and initializing default value (that's why it's the same for all), and to set the values you would need to use Set Attribute as well) 


then as well for reading from current point of first input you can just use Bind instead of Import Point Attribute, and while both work, Bind is more efficient for such cases


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