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Some i3d functions not in VOPs?

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Hi all.

I'm learning to develop i3d shaders and surface shaders that uses 3d textures.

I've seen in the documentation that the VEX lenguage has two functions that i couldn't find in VOPs, these functions are integrate3dClip and intersect3d.

They aren't implemented in VOPs? if this is so i can implement my own integrate3dClip using VOPs, or i have to use the Inline Code VOP?

If i have to use the Inline Code VOP, can somebody give me an example how i can reproduce an if statement that uses the integrate3dClip.

The code i want to reproduce with VOPs is:

if (integrate3dClip(fname, channel, p0, p1, THRESHHOLD,
                            "filter", filter, "width", fwidth))

The if VOP must have and input that is connected with the inline code VOP that contains the integrate3dClip. The problem is that the inline code vop needs to use variables that have been declared in previous VOPs, like p0 and p1, and the p0 variable is modified by the integrate3dClip, and is needed in the VOPs that will be executed if the if VOP is true.

Some clues


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It's easy enough to do this with an inline vop, just put the integrate funtion into the top field of the inline vop and then create an output, the output can then be used to drive an if vop.

When using inline vops you reference the inputs by using the $ symbol.

So for instance if you have a paremeter vop with a parameter called fname and you wire this into one of the free inputs of the inline vop you then reference it using $fname

your inline vop code would therefore look something like this

$output = integrate3dClip($fname, $channel, $p0, $p1, $THRESHHOLD,
                           "filter", $filter, "width", $fwidth));

don't forget the semi colon at the end.

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