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cloth stretch


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This will probably do it. See attached. Click on gif to show animation

Thanks. It helps a lot .   But , if I use an Animated object to collied with this cloth.  There still had some problem.


1. when the two object strech so much. in some frame the cloth Will be interspersed .


2.the imported Animated object can not surport the cloth constraint on its surface. I tried it so many times, And when I select the collied object's surface. Houdini crashed.  I don not konw the reason.


3.It's easy to find the constraint point in the cloth in one project.  But if I want make an otl , such as Bubble gum stick on people's body.  If I have 50 shots  It's hard to select the constraint points everytime,That's so manual ! How to solve this?

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Check the attached .hip- in essence you can use groups to define the constrained points, either defined by an attribute or a bounding object would seem to be the best.


Answers for the points:


1. Not sure what this means. Do you have a visual example of the issue?


2. Groups can be used. The crash is not good, please send it into SideFx as a bug.


3. Groups can be used.


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