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Flip rigid body interaction and creation frame


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Hello guys
I tried to create a ball blast through water sim.

But I found if i set my rigid body ball be crated after flip object cration.(rigid body creation frame=20 flip creation frame=1)

They interact very differently than they both create at frame 1.

Like the  rigid body object can't affect flip but flip can affect it.

Anyone know why and how to set up a system that can allow late crated rigid body interact normally?
Here's my hip file.



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Not sure this is what you're looking for:  If you're looking for RBD's interacting with flip, one way would be to dive into your dop and changing the "Feedback Scale" on the flip solver under Volume Motion --> Solver.   It defaults to 0, so the rbd won't be affected by the flip fluid, change that and see if that helps :D





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Hi nico 

thanks for the reply.

The feedback scale in my flip solver is 1.1

and my rbd ball density is 100 times higher than flip

if i create them both on frame 1 it works fine

But if i create RBD later than flip(like in my hip RBD create at 20 and Flip at 1)RBD behave really strange.

It can't not affect flip(hit flip surface like hitting a static object)

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I tried both bullet and RBD.

They did behave differently.

But the main problem remain the same using both engine.

If i create rigid body object later than flip

It can't interact with Flip normally like they were both create at the same time.

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