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Particles Mass


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Hi guys, I have some problem with my particles mass.

I created a Popnet, and inside I am putting a POP property in order to give some mass to my particles. So in the physical tab, I select Mass and then put this expression in it: fit01(rand($ID + 492.58), 0.2, 0.8)

And when I launch my sim, I have an error on my node, saying "unable to evaluate expression"

Did I do something wrong? Because now my particles are flying instead of falling down. I plug the POP property before the Popsolver.

Could you help me?


Thank you

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since H13 there is new popnetwork, which is default now and there is some difference from old POPs

on POP Property check your mass and Use VEXpression checkboxes

and into VEXpression type:

mass = fit01(rand(@id + 492.58), 0.2, 0.8);
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