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Selecting multiple Objects in the same context from viewport in Python


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I'm currently creating a digital asset which allows the user to create a house based on multiple curves (one for the foundation, one or more for the windows).

What I would like is to set the use of the curve later one (example: All curves which have an attribute call "type" which value is "window" will be used to create the windows, etc..)

So, I would like to know if there is a way to select in the viewport multiple curves (from the same geometry) and add an attribute, set his value?


Thank's in advance

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What you could try is using python create a merge node and an attribute node and link all the selected nodes to the merge node then the merge to the attribute and attribute to the asset.
when creating the attribute node you can use python to set the parameters values as needed, in this case to string"window"

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Sry for the late reply. After reading the docs, I came up with a similar idea. I'm still experiencing difficulties in allowing the user to select the curves, as all the curves are in same context and I didn't find any function which list the user selection. I thought of instead, getting the selection from the nodes selected in the network view, is it possible? 

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