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how to animate position of vortex force


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I've tried setting them all to Set Always and it still doesn't work. I also have attached a position Dop and OBJ position Dop as the subdata inputs. This helped to move the curve but it moves independently from the effect itself. The orbit rings stay where they were..

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I wish DOP parameter UIs could be decluttered, they can be such a pain to debug...


2 things needed to be changed in your setup:


  1. vortexforce1, data sharing, put it back to the default, 'share data in one timestep'.
  2. sopgeo2, time, make it 'set always'
  3. (bonus, not needed, helps for clarity), sopgeo2, turn off 'use object transform' (you're doing shape animation, no need to calculate the transform)
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