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Houdini Engine for maya

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Hello, I was looking on some topics and did not find right answers for my problem.


Basically, I made simulation in Houdini, Tiger walking in mud and water, something like variable viscosity (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BysDUaTW1bs5QnhCZ1g3RlRrT3M/view). I need that in maya to be rendered with Vray.


I manage to import in Maya in two ways, vray proxy and digital asset. Digital asset is made of particle import, than VDB create and after that, Poly from VDB and attribute transfer, and I transfer, P,Cd and viscosity. Everything works fine, I also see colors in my maya viewport, but that is hardwer thing I guess...


Question is, how can I take and where to find that color attributes and viscosity attributes? I see them in maya attribute editor, like extra attributes, but i can't do anything with that...


Any suggestions?




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