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Disable HQUEUE submission job confirmation window ?

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Hi Guys,


I would like to know how to disable the confirmation window that POP-UP when a job has been submitted 

on the HQUEUE farm.


It's extremely annoying because when you want to launch a ROP tree you have to stay in front of your computer 

waiting that each job has been submitted and click the OK button.


If you don't click this OK button the next jobs won't start ....


Spending 30 minutes waiting / pressing OK really start to be boring now .... :)


Thanks for your lights !






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Ive got no clue. Sorry

But how do you setup your rops with the hqrender rop?

Ive done some test with daisychaining/ merging hqrender rop together and got all kind of crazy shit going on, Exportimes that where exorbitant long, overwritten ifd sequences and so on..


I am using that rather unprocedural method of having a hqrener rop per mantra rop, which renders batch processing useless.

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Thanks for your answer Sebastian !


Well i do exactly like you one Mantra ROP = one Hqueue Node. then i merge all the HQUEUE node and lunch them with render.

I will maybe try to contact SESI directly cause this is extremely annoying and basically break the interest of a farm : where you can just

click render and do something else. Here you have to stay in front of your computer just to click on this damn button for each process.

for heavy stuff it can take an hour to dispatch all ... so one hour of button clicking is heavely unproductive :)

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because of that Ive started to delayed load everything. or using packed disk prims. just to keep those exporttimes down and the ifds small. as these will be huge when kept unattended and network speeds are an issue here.

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