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FEM using a velocity field


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Hi guys,


wondered if it was possible to control the direction of a snake type FEM with a velocity field.


I know I can use a sopsolver, and then set a custom force, but wondered If I would better results using a field.


anyone know if this is possible?


What I am trying to replicate is something like a carpet of snake, like in this clip. besides the snakes having their own movement, I need an overall direction path/direction



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Naeh, I'm thinking I'd create a crawl-loop on a spline then use that for a goal for the FEM, somehow, then have it crawl on it's own - kinda like in this setup...



Particle Skull also did a self crawling FEM setup, so it works, now you only have to figure out how to best create the snake like motion instead or worm- or snail-like...


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