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Fire Embers Sim


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So I am trying to get a good sim for fire embers but cant seem to get a good result. Basically what I did was make a simple fire using the shelf button and advected particles . I am playing around with pop force and drag nodes to get good swirling motion but I'm still not getting the right look. I'm not to good with VEX expressions, but I was wondering if their was an expression I can use so that the particles advect quickly through the fire and slow down when they are out of it. Perhaps if I was able to group the particles when they are not in the fires velocity field then I can control their speed using a drag. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you ! I attached the hip file if anyone wants to take a look.


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I think you basically got it right. Only you forgot to add a gravity force. You don't need any special trickery here. Velocity field is already doing all you want. I think the problem is that your pyro sim has kind of turbulent flames creating noisy velocity field and the particle motion is then noisy too. Visualize velocities either at pyro DOP or on popadvectbyvolumes DOP to see how it is driving the particles.


If you want more plausible motion you can help it a bit with a volumevop SOP (see the attached file), but you may want to try and play with the pyro sim a little bit more. Higher buyoancy and lower disturbance generaly gives you more uniform stream of particles pushed up by flames, with a slow swirly motion at the edges (see the second attached file).


Also, check the different options of particle advection. popadvectbyvolumes DOP offers you more methods how to apply the velocity field which results in very different motions.

Cheers, D.



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