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Dynamically add Wire Spring Constraints based on distance


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Could some please help me with working out how to set up a scene where by wire spring constraints are created dynamically based on a distance threshold. I have currently set up a simple scene where I have a bounding box creating a 'spring' group in Sops, but the group does not update in Dops. I have done a lot of searching but haven't found anything related to this, or can't work out how to re-engineer different scenes for this task? 

I've found this in the documentation: 

The Glue Adjacent Pieces shelf tool creates a glue network between adjacent pieces for you automatically using a constraint network. Expert users can create the network geometry manually to achieve other effects, such as linking pieces based on some criterion other than proximity. 


Expert users can modify the constraint_name (which specifies a piece of relationship data by name, such as Glue or Spring) on various lines using animation or a SOP solver, to dynamically switch between glue and spring constraints

It's a little frustrating as I'm obviously not an 'Expert' user, but would really like to achieve the effect of dynamically adding wire Spring constraints based on distance. I kindly ask, could someone give me some advice or point me in the right direction? Thanks 


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