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python scripting giving me a headache

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I got the code basically working in VEX up to a point, but I am not sure where to go with Python code to accomplish the same goal.  I am currently just trying to access the parameter interface so I can use the values in calculations, and for whatever reason it isn't working.  I have been searching online and the only thing I keep seeing is that I should use 

node = kwargs['node']

in place of 

node = hou.pwd()

and whenever I try it, I get: NameError: name 'kwargs' is not defined.  When I try to use hou.pwd() to access them with a .parm("foo").eval() I get a noneType error and still cannot get to it.  I am trying to use a multi-parm and this is really getting tedious for accessing it and I really feel like it is not this hard and I am just missing something.  I am attaching the hda file I am working on as well as an implementation example to try to show what I am trying to get to.  As I said, I got everything in the VEX version to work the way I want, other than the multi-parm which is extremely important to the final outcome of the project.  I haven't done much with Python inside of Houdini yet, but I am rather familiar with the language otherwise, so this is really my only hurdle, but it seems to be a big one for me.



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I'm not entirely sure what you are going to achieve, but generally speaking multi-parm access is performed by name#index where index is parm number.
So in case of your hda, I can iterate over parms and evaluate it with snippet:

nparms = node.parm("g0").eval()

for x in range(1, nparms+1):
    print node.parm("divs%i" % x).eval()
    print node.parm("span%i" % x).eval()
    print node.parm("ramp%i" % x).eval().lookup(0.5)

hope this helps,


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