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VEX shader problem


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Hi there,

I'm trying to make a snowy mountain shader that will shade displaced geometry from white at the top of the z-axis to green at the base of the z-axis. But I can't figure how to do this. Could any kind soul give me some suggestions?

Bet Wishes


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Hello Ziggx,

I'm by no means a person who should be giving advice on shader writing, but I attached something that might help get you going. The file contains a very simple VOP network. It's very "cheap" because the mountain is assumed to start from z=0 and peak at z=1 in world space. To make it general, you will need to compute the bounding box of the mountain, and ideally specify an arbitrary orientation. You'll also probably want to add some noise, and offer up oodles of parameters. This is the quickest thing I could whip up to give you an example. Hope it helps.


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