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Noob questions and more


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Hi all, first post here, and first time really sitting down with Houdini.

I've got a million questions to ask already, and as I go some of them seem to get answered within this forum so I'll do my best to search before posting.

However I haven't found an answer to a rather simple problem I'm having with the Edit SOP. Is there a way to localize a scale edit over multiple selections so that each selection scales independently. I've already found a workaround for my current problem, but I was just wondering about this for future reference under different circumstances.

I'm modeling a new character as a way to get into houdini's tools and this problem is easily solved by deleting half and mirroring from what I've seen, but I was just wondering, for future reference if I've missed some feature that allows a local scale like I mentioned above.

Also, I'm wondering if something like this would prove to be a useful addition to the peak manipulator:


Or do I have the whole concept of the Peak manipulator wrong? I'm currently using it as a local Normal translation tool, which is great for doing global "push" or inflate operations or local tweaks... I'm just wondering if it's possible to also apply scale and rotations/spinning around the normal at the same level, since I'm accustomed to having those options in other programs.

Cheers and thanks for any response!

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This may be old news, and it's certainly not automatic, but you can detach the handle (') and RMB on it and select "Start Orientation Picking", then just click on the normal to you want to orient the handle to. You could set a hotkey to "Start Orientation Picking" to make this process much faster.

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That's a whole lotta clicking, it's fine that you can do it but not great workflow, very in efficient. Would much prefer it as an option to be the default. I bet it a lot less programming clicks to set that up than for poor modellers to have to keep orienting the handle all day.... :P

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