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Getting Disturbance right for fast moving fluid


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It seems like I'm getting nuts with this one...


I have a fast moving fluid and I''m trying to get some detail into the leading edges using disturbance, which simply won't work or at least not in a satisfying manner.

In 99% of the cases, Disturbance kicked in at my fluid's tail, where there is little density left, moving a lot more slowly than the leading edge where i want the effect to happen. The result is low density areas being pushed too heavily resulting in beautiful streaky artefacts and no disturbance whatsoever in the leading edge.


I'm applying my disturbance directly to the velocity field and first I tried using temperature as control field. In order to be doing so, I measured my max temperature, which is highest in the first frames at the fluid's leading edge, and remapped the control field to apply some really nuts amount of Disturbance to just that area. Result: Nothing. So I played with that curve, but all I came up with was the tail being disturbed and the leading edge being a boring smokepuff.


Therefore, I added in a speed field, writing just the length of my velocities into it and used that in order to control Disturbance. Although it seems to be working slightly better than temperature, I still cannot grab my leading edge. It feels I'm still missing anything and don't know what it is.


Maybe also worth mentioning I have a min/max substep setting inside my solver of 1/10 and additionally applied a gas repeat microsolver to the pyro solver to make the whole thingy move faster. Deactivating the Gas Repeat seems not to have any influence on Disturbance in my scene. 


Any ideas?


EDIT: It might have something to do with the scale of my emitter. It is rather small (sphere- ish, scaled to 0.1), scaling it up to 1 works better, but my Disturbance block size is also small enough to work on a smaller smoke plume. Strange.


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