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Found 482 results

  1. Houdini Instructor

    short contract (3 months) Houdini Instructor. *must have work visa or legal right to work in Italy (work visa will not be provided)* - 4-7 experience specialized in high quality FX, demonstrated through a showreel - Well versed in the operation of Houdini and can easily relay the fundamentals on how to use and create in Houdini - excellent communication skills with both students and colleagues - rounded understanding of VFX industry and VFX pipeline - pro-active learner and problem solver - strong organizational and time management skills - previous teaching experience is preferred
  2. Animated Pyro to Sop to Grain

    Hello Okay; Im starting with a sop with animated noise and transform, extract the velocity, which feeds my Pyro dop. After im using point deform on the result to output an animated poly sop model from the pyro sim. I was curious to add interaction FX using Grain with the resulting source. To have my pop source not static in my DOP, the only way I found was to have an impulse activation like $$F and a life expectancy very low (like 0.02, itùs in sec...). I have a few collision obj and forces. If i use a static activation like $$F=0, the sim reacts nicely and my object splash and roll, spread off on the floor and collide with objects like i expect. With small life, the particles dont reacts to the gravity, force and so. Which it's logic Afterall they are dying and being regenerated every time from the source position.// Maybe Grain is done designed for animated objects, or did i miss something? Thanks for your input, stay safe vincent* ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas https://www.imdb.com/name/nm085962
  3. How to control flame shape at birth

    Hello all ! On a shot like this I would like to change the shape of my fire so it doesn't have this mushroom like shape when it grows but I can't figure out how. Any other tips or advice would be much appreaciated too ! Thnaks in advance ! Maho CLAQUIN
  4. Smoke color fading out

    I have the basic sim with colored smoke and at the beginning of the sim the color is vibrant and in the end the color is fading out to almost white. How can I keep the same color intensity over time?
  5. Jet Exhaust and flip sim interaction

    i was working on a project. i need some tips for interacting flip sim with jet exhaust like this in the video timestamp 14 sec any suggestion how to achieve that?
  6. Hello guys, i need to color an basic pyro sim from bottom to top using an ramp(could be a grayscale). still no clue how to do that, please help me guys. ps: i've attached an simple setup color_from_bound.hip
  7. I am doing Candles Fx for school and I am just stuck on one thing. There are strange artifacts happening nearing the edge of bounding box of the two candles on the right. Please point me in the right direction to get rid of these artifacts. candles_fx_v023.mov
  8. I am trying to figure out how to separate two densities from a pyro sim to use two different shaders. I found an earlier post that said to separate the volume sources using Dop I/O and that seems pretty straight forward but I couldn't get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Colored smoke gasupres with Redshift

    I'm working on a colored smoke sim in H18 and Redshift and I have problems setting up my color grids properly. Running VDB diagnostics tells my values in the range are invalid and my knowledge of how to find the error ends there. The idea with the sim is to create a low res sim, up res it, and add colors from the Cd attribute. Does someone know how to set up this sim properly? blueGreen010.hiplc
  10. Pyro Dissipate by Volume??

    Hi Everyone. This question is twofold. Firstly I want to create a gas dissipate field that affects only a certain region. For instance, I have a volume source that transfers velocity to the lower third of a cloud. I want to affect the dissipation only in the specific area that the cloud is being blown away but not affect the rest of it. Is there a way to keep the cloud whole with exception to the area that is being blown away/ Secondly I am wondering if there's a way to apply multiple solvers to the same smoke object? I have been searching online but not finding anything substantial. All help welcome. Thanks.
  11. Alpha cutting out pyro/smoke

    I have a problem with the Alpha cut-outs on my smoke sims in Gasup Res. The sims work fine with low res simulations but in gasup res sop, they are cut out with Alpha in the color channel. It feels like the gasup res sop won't resize it properly and I just don't know how to add these extra fields. If someone could push me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks In advance.
  12. Volume source vs source volume

    Hey guys, i have an issue i saw rebelway mastering pyro. he used source volume and i am using volume source so in source volume he used source for divergence and for other source volume he deleted the source in source volume.But there is no option of clear field in volumesource.How i can tackle this???helppppppp
  13. Fire Sparks from Pyro Simulation

    Hi there! I'm trying to figure out how to create a POP emitter from Pyro in order to have a realistic (and procedural) Fire Sparks simulation based on heat amount. I've tried something but it's a very rudimentary solution, especially because I'd love to emit particles from top of fire (maybe when heat field falls down). How I can use a pyro field as POP emitter? And, most important, what field do I need to use? Do you have any suggestions, tips or tuts to share with me? Any help will be really appreciate! Thank you for your time. mois_fire_sparkles.hip
  14. Smoke collison

    How do I set up 2 different emitters shooting smoke at each other and colliding?
  15. Hi everyone, did a pyro sim along with a collision object. When I up the density from 1 to 4 in the pyro shader, the voxels are getting visible (attached an image to the post showing the issue). Is there any way to prevent that or soften the voxels on the outside in a post process or something? Cheers, Christian
  16. Hey all, I'm trying to play with a scene where I'm doing some explosions on a beach and I wanted to make sure I had all of the individual effects down before I started trying to do the large scene. I already figured out how I want to do the explosions with a sparse pyro, and I got the grains solver to behave how I want for the sand to be kicked up, but when I tried to add a pyro solver to the sand grains I got some weird results, so I went to make a simple example scene that would be faster to simulate and it started doing even worse stuff. My grains scene is giving me some really bad smoke that doesn't seem to be advecting and is only generating on each frame of my cached grains. Seeing this, I found an example file which was using a pops simulation to generate smoke, so I tried to apply what was in there to a simple test scene, and for some reason my sims are applying giant black box sprites to the particles before it even gets into the pyro simulation. If you have some advice on how to handle the dust from sand explosion that would be great. If you have any idea why I'm getting the sprites, that would be amazing as well. The files aren't the cleanest, but here they are. I am using GridMarkets caching and rendering for the sand file, so if you don't have their nodes you can just delete them and replace them with filecache nodes. SandboxPop.hip pyroFromParticles.hip
  17. Hello guys ! It has been now 3 years I'm working in the VFX industry. I saw a lot of different FX artist/TD so far and I came to the point that there is many ways of doing a pyro sims as there is artist to make it... From all those different artist, I met people doing amazing simulation from really complicated pyro solver and other with a only a few nodes. There is one specific topic I wanted to get thoughts from you guys was the using of the speed field from the length of the vel field versus the pressure field. People tends to use one or the other as a mask for turbulence, disturbance etc.. in their pyro. Both seems working farely well, but I would like to know more about the prons and cons of those technics ! Looking forward to read your thoughts ! Cheeers
  18. Upres external simulation

    Is ist possible to make a simulation in embergen, export as vdb, import into houdini, and upres the simulation using gas upres? (you have density, temperature, vel, fuel and heat)
  19. Hello again Guys. So recentrly (3 hours ago) I swapped to RS because my Mantra render was taking over 2 hours per frame. I started shading everything and had some problems with the volumes (Which worked in mantra perfectly fine) Scene View IPR with an area RS light with contribution set to .5 (to test) The setup As always, Thank you guys
  20. I can save to bgeo.sc then once the simulation is cached I can read it with a file and convert to vdb, this takes longer (two steps). The initial sim with bgeo.sc is already using maximum RAM If I add a convert to vdb before the filecache, does this step take up more memory?
  21. So, I'm fairly new to houdini, and one of my first uses of it unfortunaly has been to try to have a smoke simulation fill the camera frame and resolve to a color image in the process. I know normally the easy way to do this would be to map a solid volume full of smoke, blow it away, and then reverse the animation, however there are colliders involved in the scene as well and so would be obvious the smoke is running in reverse if I did that in this case. I came up with a convoluted solution which was to create 3 fields the same size as my pyro volume with attributes that run 0-1 along each dimension, essentially creating a uvw coordinate field, then simming the smoke, then importing that sim into a sop, reversing that simulation using a timeshift node, and then creating a sop solver with a vdb advect that used the reversed smoke simulation to advect my UVW field all the way to through the animation, and use that resulting field to assign color to the smoke for each frame. It....worked, miraculously, however it is a lot of steps and I'm not sure if there is an easier way, which there probably is! So, I'm just curious how people who actually know houdini would have done what I was trying to, maybe with rest volumes or something else that I don't know much about...
  22. Sparse Bilowy Smoke buoyancy is canceled

    Hi there, I'm newbie and I'm testing pyro. I want that the simulation don't have direction and create smoke everywhere. But when I set the "Gravity direction" to 0, even if I increase other values, such as "buoyancy" or "temperature", the amount of smoke does not increase. I tried a little of everything and looked for solutions, but I don't get it ... I think I don't understand the examples/solutions well enough to apply it to mine. The only thing that works is “scale time”, but the result of changing “scale time” in any simulation I never liked it. project.hipnc
  23. Hi, I've scattered 5 explosions to points using a switch node and a foreach loop. The explosion are randomly assigned to point but I need to have them offset at random as well. How would I go about achieving this? The effect I'm going for is flak in a WW1 scene but at the moment all the explosions start at the same time
  24. Why does the attribute noise on velocity cause the whole simulation to go in one specific direction? and I'm not even able to change the direction, it's always the same. Here are screen shots with the attribnoise enabled, then disabled and the pyro solver settings. How do I tell that attrib noise not to go in that direction? I've changed its settings but it doesn't change direction. Even if I change the source geometry behind the smoke, even if I rotate the source, the direction stays the same.
  25. Hi guys, I'm trying to achieve this effects that the gas turbulence will not affect area near the emitter. However the method that I'm using, is to create a volume mask at the geometry level and merge it with the emitter source, using the mask as the control field for gas turbulence, but this is very slow to sim as my gas resize field dynamic will not work anymore. Is there a more efficient way or perhaps create this volume mask in dop level instead? controlfield.mov controlField_v001.hip