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Found 497 results

  1. Hi everyone, I require some help on this effect, and getting it to match my reference. (1:42), (2:50) In the reference, the smoke is travelling quite far away from the cannon at rapid velocity. However, I cannot produce a similar smoke shooting out of the cannon with my current setup. I had started out with v015 with minimal vel in my scene and pumped it up by a lot in v021, only to create awkward looking mushroom shapes. So, I am not sure how to approach this smoke (maybe separate the flames and smoke, then do the smoke with POPs and turning it into volume). Furthermore, I cannot get my flames to cool down fast enough (2 to 5 frames). I tried using the cooling rate parameter on pyro solver and the gas dissipate node to accelerate the cooling of the flames but its still not fast enough. There are also some white chunks of flames remaining at the end of the cool down, when they should have been the first to disappear. Below, I have attached my simplified hip file and 2 flipbooks. Please help, thank you! cannonFire_fx_odforce_v021.mov cannonFire_fx_v015.mov cannonFire_fx_odforce_v021.hipnc old_warship_cannon_fire.mp4
  2. Gas Damp Micorsolver broken?

    I'm using a Gas Damp Microsolver to slow down my pyro sim. However, it seems like it is broken (H17.5.258). No matter which parameter I change, it sucks out all momentum of the sim, bringing it to a standstill. I'm using really ridiculous values, like a Target Speed of 500 (my sim is waaaay slower than that.) As far as I understand it, values below 500 should be ignored, but no matter what I put in there as a target speed, all velocities are lost after a few frames. Scale...well, if it's 1, 0.1, 0.0001 or whatever...it kills all motion after a few frames. Controlling it by a field...same result. Did anybody else ever have a similar issue with this particular microsolver?
  3. There is currently a commercial project that simulates the effect of clouds. How to use pyro to make advanced flowing cumulus clouds. Is there an excellent tutorial to learn?
  4. Distribute Pyro From Shelf.

    Hi! If we create a pyro by Wispy Smoke shelf tool and then apply Distribute Container shelf tool, it creates: But it does not work! Smoke can`t pass slice border. But! It works after a small adjustment: So after shelf script, i should not merge distribute_pyro node with the source, but should connect it to the solver Velocity Update input. I am doing something wrong? Or it is shelf tool error? How you distribute pyro on several machines (slices)?
  5. VID-20200831-WA0004.mp4 : I'm facing this problem pyro is not correctly emitting for me, see my video you will be understand the problem, i am using attribute fuel,temperature and vel So much of fuel leakage in emitting part, how should i control this problem VID-20200831-WA0006.mp4 : In this video you will see the different between pyro solver and sparse slover, left side is (pyrosolver )and right side is (sparse solver )And same thing I've try sparse pyro solver it will be correct ,Why can't i put this on pyro slover any solution for me ?
  6. Volume shaping in dop network

    Hi guys! Recently I was asking for some advice on how to deform spherical parts of volume into different shapes (in my case skulls). And here is the best reply I've got: "You need a dop I/O node - target your dop network and then point it to your smoke object. Add an import field with the little plus button and import the field named "Pressure". This value is very small but if you use volume visualize nodes or volume vops you can fit the values to pull out the pressure range where these mushroom shapes occur. Once you know the range (usually somewhere around 0.02 to 0.00 for these shapes) you now have the correct mask range. You can now set "Pressure" as the control field in your disturbance tab on the pyro solver. Just make sure you use the correct range, then you can dial the strength of your disturbance applied in only the areas highlighted previously in your volume visualizer. One thing to note - if you want to identify them each you're going to need a sop solver. Once you have the pressure field isolated, you can convert the vdb to poly and use connectivity to seperate them out and then pack them to get a centroid for the specific mushroom. But you're going to want to blend the point position of that centroid over time as it may jitter or pop in and out of existence depending on the tightness of your isolation range. Once those points have a history they'll have velocity and direction you can use to orient your custom field that warps it into a skull or whatever." However, I'm stuck on the last step where I have to setup sop solver and feed the output back in a sim. I would be very grateful for any advice or more detailed instructions on how to set the last part up P.S. I've attached a basic setup file in case if needed sklsmk_test.hipnc geo_02.0001.bgeo.sc
  7. pyro distributed problem

    is pyro distributed work with checkpoint ? i have 2 slice,output the .sim file with $SLICE variable work ,but when i try to resume the sim with this .sim file it will stuck. what i doing wrong?
  8. [SOLVED] Colored smoke turns dark

    Hi gang ! I'm stumbling across a weird issue and I'd sure like to get some insights about this. I'm trying to color a smoke simulation (having seen Steven's volume III course). But I'm getting a weird issue that I can't wrap my head around. Basically my color field gets contaminated and the disease spreads on. here is what I mean: I'm using both types of pyro solvers, sparse and classic. This issue happens on both. Here is a screen of my simple scene: If you guys have any idea why this is happening that would be fantastic Cheers color_smoke.hip
  9. Pyro, not working in Redshift

    Hello I am trying to render a pyro simulation in Redshift. I created a volume material in RS and applied to my Pyro import in Houdini.However I've got a message saying "Failed to find volume file. The file will be empty." I am not sure what I am doing wrong as I watched every possible tutorial about it and the steps seem to be correct. Can anyone help me figuring out what is wrong? I am uploading the file for reference. Many Thanks D Candle_03_Test.hiplc
  10. Hi Houdini guys, I'm doing a Pyro simulation using the instance function because of the smoke&fire of a long trail. I've instructed to create 10 clusters, but there are more than double as many containers created in the scene. The reason is that I'm increasing the sub steps in Dop network. I confirmed that the sub-step of 1 produced the specified number of clusters. However, I need to keep the substeps because the emitters are moving fast and the flames need to look nice in my scene. Is it possible to generate a container only for integer frames? If u have suggestion, I'm highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  11. Smoke not colliding with object

    Hello, This is a very simple project which I am trying to simulate the gun fire of a battleship battery. I placed a pyro source (a half sphere geometry) inside a barrel, i then applied Static object to the barrel. the fire worked well but only the smoke doesn't seems to be colliding with the barrel. I couldn't quite figure out what's wrong. In case anyone want to see it I have uploaded the project file as an attachment. Sorry if this is a simple mistake, i just started learning Houdini. What the barrel looks like Pyro simulation, the smoke is passing through the barrel. the barrel is now hidden, you can see the fire is colliding with the barrel but the smoke isn't. Thank you very much. 2020_8_16.hiplc
  12. Hey guys! I've recently been doing some pyro work with the sparse solver adding pyro to my RBD sim's recently and I have been hitting this issue where if I make my voxel size too small my sim will freeze at some point during the sim. It always seems to freeze during the "advecting fields" step. Normally I'd chock this up to the machine running out of RAM or even VRAM but checking in on it the RAM never sees more than 50% usage and VRAM never goes up beyond 10-20%. CPU is pinned at 100% on all cores but the sim is not doing anything. I have not seen any error message in any pop ups or in the terminal either. Running Houdini 18.0.460 on Ubuntu 18.04. Anyone out there who has experienced anything like that? Thanks for the read!
  13. Help with explosion sim

    Anyone know what parameter(s) is causing all the smoke to quickly fall towards the end of the simulation? explosion.mov
  14. Help with a basic pyro effect

    I was wondering if anyone had a good way of creating shapes like this using pyro? I'm just not getting the source right no matter how hard I try. I've attached a small video file of what I'm trying to achieve. plume.mov
  15. Houdini Nebula RnD

    Hello everyone! I would like to show you my new Houdini Nebula video ☄✨ It is based on a FLIP sim driven by noises and then color-corrected in Nuke and AE. I originally wanted to approach Teun van der Zalm's nebulae looks and I'm quite happy with the result ! Feel free to give me your opinion, thanks for watching ! I also did this video some times ago, again a Houdini Nebula RnD video but another technique was used : the nebula was slice-rendered and colored exclusively in After Effects :
  16. Houdini Instructor

    short contract (3 months) Houdini Instructor. *must have work visa or legal right to work in Italy (work visa will not be provided)* - 4-7 experience specialized in high quality FX, demonstrated through a showreel - Well versed in the operation of Houdini and can easily relay the fundamentals on how to use and create in Houdini - excellent communication skills with both students and colleagues - rounded understanding of VFX industry and VFX pipeline - pro-active learner and problem solver - strong organizational and time management skills - previous teaching experience is preferred
  17. Animated Pyro to Sop to Grain

    Hello Okay; Im starting with a sop with animated noise and transform, extract the velocity, which feeds my Pyro dop. After im using point deform on the result to output an animated poly sop model from the pyro sim. I was curious to add interaction FX using Grain with the resulting source. To have my pop source not static in my DOP, the only way I found was to have an impulse activation like $$F and a life expectancy very low (like 0.02, itùs in sec...). I have a few collision obj and forces. If i use a static activation like $$F=0, the sim reacts nicely and my object splash and roll, spread off on the floor and collide with objects like i expect. With small life, the particles dont reacts to the gravity, force and so. Which it's logic Afterall they are dying and being regenerated every time from the source position.// Maybe Grain is done designed for animated objects, or did i miss something? Thanks for your input, stay safe vincent* ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env artist & Lighting & MattePainter & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas https://www.imdb.com/name/nm085962
  18. How to control flame shape at birth

    Hello all ! On a shot like this I would like to change the shape of my fire so it doesn't have this mushroom like shape when it grows but I can't figure out how. Any other tips or advice would be much appreaciated too ! Thnaks in advance ! Maho CLAQUIN
  19. Smoke color fading out

    I have the basic sim with colored smoke and at the beginning of the sim the color is vibrant and in the end the color is fading out to almost white. How can I keep the same color intensity over time?
  20. Jet Exhaust and flip sim interaction

    i was working on a project. i need some tips for interacting flip sim with jet exhaust like this in the video timestamp 14 sec any suggestion how to achieve that?
  21. Hello guys, i need to color an basic pyro sim from bottom to top using an ramp(could be a grayscale). still no clue how to do that, please help me guys. ps: i've attached an simple setup color_from_bound.hip
  22. I am doing Candles Fx for school and I am just stuck on one thing. There are strange artifacts happening nearing the edge of bounding box of the two candles on the right. Please point me in the right direction to get rid of these artifacts. candles_fx_v023.mov
  23. I am trying to figure out how to separate two densities from a pyro sim to use two different shaders. I found an earlier post that said to separate the volume sources using Dop I/O and that seems pretty straight forward but I couldn't get it to work. Any help would be much appreciated.
  24. Colored smoke gasupres with Redshift

    I'm working on a colored smoke sim in H18 and Redshift and I have problems setting up my color grids properly. Running VDB diagnostics tells my values in the range are invalid and my knowledge of how to find the error ends there. The idea with the sim is to create a low res sim, up res it, and add colors from the Cd attribute. Does someone know how to set up this sim properly? blueGreen010.hiplc
  25. Pyro Dissipate by Volume??

    Hi Everyone. This question is twofold. Firstly I want to create a gas dissipate field that affects only a certain region. For instance, I have a volume source that transfers velocity to the lower third of a cloud. I want to affect the dissipation only in the specific area that the cloud is being blown away but not affect the rest of it. Is there a way to keep the cloud whole with exception to the area that is being blown away/ Secondly I am wondering if there's a way to apply multiple solvers to the same smoke object? I have been searching online but not finding anything substantial. All help welcome. Thanks.