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low density high detail fog bank?

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No sure if this should be in effects or rendering so here you go.

I'm trying to add some very faded fog/dust atmospheric type of fx in a scene and I was wondering how one would tackle this?


My camera is flying thru it so it's a little difficult to "just add it in post", also there are some geometry that cut thru it so I'm trying to avoid the hard edge sprite cut ... trying to keep the render time as low as I can (as everyone, yes?)


I'm adding a scene file where I'm using VDB from particle and doing the unified noise in volume vop thingy. But if anyone had an other quick and easy way? Again this is just to add a little "humpf" to the scene.


oh yeah and the scene is big, scale wise.


any help, tips, reference would help a lot.


thanks and long live the houdini clan!


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